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Renaissance Consulting is a Spanish based private limited company dedicated to provide technological consultancy, development and certification services for practical, environmentally-friendly or highly social interest solutions in the Security, Emergency & Defence markets which makes use of the most advanced information and communication technologies such as: Unmanned, Embedded, Real-Time and Safety-Critical Systems.

Renaissance Consulting was founded in 2009 by Agustín Arjonilla to benefit from more than 25 years experience in the aerospace and defence industries. Moreover, business focus was put on the unmanned aerial systems market as Mr. Arjonilla had been the Spanish representative at the International Coordination Council (part of the Global Access Initiative of UVS International) and a co-founder of the UAS Group in the Spanish Aerospace Platform. He is nowadays leading the description of the VLOS operational scenarios as WP1 leader at EUROCAE WG 93 and member of EUROCAE WG 73.

During 2011 and 2012 the company incorporated new engineers to complement the aeronautical engineering and the system and hardware aspects of the development and certification. In 2012 Renaissance Consulting became industrial partner of Nitrofirex company and launched the trade mark "Tailored Avionics" to provide a novel approach towards the provision of customised development of solutions for the unmanned sector.

Late 2014, the trade mark "eDroniX" was launched to offer innovative aerial services using drones for the Spanish market.