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Renaissance Consulting provides Aeronautical Engineering Consulting Services.

Renaissance Consulting provide experienced advice and solutions to a wide variety of problems:

  • Structural Design and Analysis. Finite Element Analysis (FEA), coupled with analytical methods when necessary, is usually used to carry out structural analysis for both Metallic and Composite materials.

  • Aerodynamic Design and Analysis. Development process that can go from conceptual sketches to detailed aerodynamic surfaces. Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis performed with the required specifications. Further reviews for existing models. Tunnel testing and instrumentation of prototypes.

  • Flight Loads and Flight Qualities. Performance and Aerodynamic calculation state the basis of the structural evaluation for aerospace projects. Aerodynamic loads that will play an important role on the static and dynamic reliability of the whole structure.

  • Simulation, Estimation and Flight Testing. Previous evaluation of the qualities, performance and behavior of the design before flying is used to avoid not desirable decisions. Flight Testing moves forward in the identification process of the actual vehicle after gathering information from sensors and actuators in flight.

  • Guidance, Navigation and Control. Designing control laws for the optimal behavior of the vehicle. Evaluation of new control approach for innovative constructions with both flexibility and robustness. Development of Algorithms for Navigation systems based on data fusion.