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Renaissance Consulting extensive experience in aeronautic, space, security and defence projects (specially research, safety-critical, unmanned and control ones) is a guarantee to provide you with consulting and project management services in complex projects.

At Renaissance Consulting we take great pride in helping our clients optimize planning decisions, enhance designs, and administer high-quality and cost-effective solutions to their most challenging problems.

Renaissance Consulting staff are experienced in planning and conducting successful aviation design and certification projects. We can provide project management for a range of projects to help you meet your targets on-time and in-budget.

Talk to us about how we can help you plan your project effectively. Time spent in planning will ensure your project progresses predictably, and will help to avoid unexpected delays and costs.

Renaissance Consulting has a strong record of successful Research, Development and Innovation projects, either at EU level (European Commission Framework Programme / ITEA), Spanish national level (PROFIT / AVANZA) and regional level (Madrid Community / FEDER). This experience is provided to our customers as proposal preparation, project management and coordination services.