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Safety Critical Consulting and Mentoring

Renaissance Consulting provides system, hardware and software development services for the aeronautic market.

Renaissance Consulting system development process for aircraft systems follows ARP4754A process. We have developed state-of-the-art Redundancy Management solutions for critical systems.

Renaissance Consulting hardware development process follows DO-254 process. Our team has development experience with qualifiable and advanced hardware architectures such as Xilinx System-On-Chip Zynq, new Assisted GPS/Multi-GNSS chips or with the integration of redundant hadrware sensors.

Renaissance Consulting possess extensive software development experience for aircraft systems compatible with DO-178B processes (i.e. planning, configuration management, quality assurance and development) having worked to produce level A certifiable software; and incorporating advanced software development features such as:

  • ARINC 653 Partitions (Integrated Modular Avionics).
  • Model Based Development (MBD).
  • Automatic Code Generation (ACG).

Such features allows the development of safety-critical software to benefit from more robustness (i.e. failures get contained in a partition), more consistency (i.e. the combined use of MBD and ACG guarantees 100% consistent translation from design to code) and cheaper development costs (i.e. ACG allows to get rid of the expensive coding tasks; plus the partitioning allows for different software levels (A to E) to be used within the same CPU).

Renaissance Consulting provides system, hardware and software development support to get your product ready to be certified/qualified with a minimum rework.