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NITROFIREX Initial Feasibility Study Phase completed.


NITROFIREX is a Spanish private limited company dedicated to develop and market a solution to fight forest fires at night. As a solution for the limitations of the current aerial firefighting technologies, NITROFIREX has developed a new concept using several Autonomous Propelled Gliding Containers (APGC) launched from a Military Transport Aircraft (i.e. a Launcher Aircraft), in order to drop a high volume of extinguisher or other payload over a dangerous area. This new capability offers a broad variety of new applications with the advantage of operational capability during night time.

NITROFIREX contracted Renaissance Consulting the Technical and Business Development Management in 2011. As such, Agustín Arjonilla became partner and Managing Director of NITROFIREX.

Renaissance Consulting has successfully completed NITROFIREX Initial Feasibility Study Phase during the first quarter of 2012.

NITROFIREX operational concept has been elaborated and validated, and an updated version of the Business Plan has been developed.

This will allow NITROFIREX to start building up the industrial partners to team up with for the next phase of the project.