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Safety Critical Consulting and Mentoring

Renaissance Consulting personnel have collaborated, among others, in the following safety-critical, aerospace, defence and UAS related programmes and projects:

  - A310/A330 MRTT (Airbus/EADS-CASA)
- A400M (Airbus Military)
- Eurofighter TYPHOON (Multinational)
- Euroradar CAPTOR (Multinational)
- ExoMars Rover (ESA)
- Herschel & Planck (IAC/ESA)
- H-ALCON (Hydrogen powered, ISTAR, IED/Mine-Locator System, Soldier Situational Awareness System packed in a hand-launched mini-UAV)
- PLATINO - Helicopter adaptative aircraft (Led by INTA)
- ATLANTIDA - SESAR/NEXTGEN compatible UAS airspace integration using Trajectory-Based Operations (Led by Boeing Research & Technology Europe)
- NEXUS - Near-Term Exploitation of UAS Services (Led by Boeing Research & Technology Europe)
- SISCANT I & II - Adaptative FCS development and certification (Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology)
- PLATAFORMA-UAV - Generic UAV Aerodynamic Flight Test Platform (Madrid Community Innovation)
- SOARV-UAV - Virtual Reality Operation Solution for UAVs (Madrid Community Innovation)
- Multi-rocket launcher TERUEL-2 (Spanish Army)
- Anti-Aircraft System FELIS (Spanish Army)
- Laser Telemetry Unit TE-10 (Spanish Army)
- LANZACHAFF Defensive Aid System for Aircraft Carrier “Principe de Asturias” (Spanish Navy)